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5 Things to start your New Year differently online

I came across this post I started at the beginning of the year and never published. Would hate to have it go to waste. It’s still good advice, regardless of the time of year.

It’s that time of year again when we start to focus on what we would like to accomplish, or change, in the year ahead. Whether we set goals or make resolutions, sometimes our New Year plans focus on things we haven’t managed to accomplish in the past, e.g., this is the year I lose that 10+ pounds, or start at the gym with a regular routine or stop smoking, eating junk food. How about shaking things up a bit and do something differently that may just change your outlook or provide a bit more fun? Why not start with some computer changes? Here are 5 things that might make a difference, if you not doing them already.

  1. Look at the world a bit differently. If you’re still only using one browser, and it doesn’t matter what browser that is, why not mix things up a bit and download a new one. See if things online look any different. Rethink how you go about doing habitual things. This will get the brain re-stimulated and it just might thank you. And hey, I’ll say it again, if you are still on IE, please check out another browser and enjoy…
  2. Upgrade something. Probably because we just updated out large software package we use for work, it gives a sense of moving forward and upward when there’s something new in your life. It doesn’t have to be a big upgrade. It may simply be updating to the latest version of WordPress to keep your site more secure.
  3. Feel more secure. Smooth transition, am I right? Not only in your online world do you want to feel more secure. This could also extend into other areas of your life. This could mean becoming more confident in the work you do.
  4. Learn something new. There’s usually something you’ve been wishing you had more time to figure out or learn more about. Make this the year that you take a step in crossing that off the mental list. Whether you read a book about it or enroll in a course, take the time to invigorate the brain.
  5. Get Social. No really get social. Turn off the computer and go out and meet someone for coffee or a drink or a meal or a walk and figure out what’s really going on in life. The good stuff takes more than 140 characters and is too complex to contain in an IM. You just might find out you’re missing more than you thought.
    1. They may not rock your world or bring enlightenment, but they just might make the year a little more enjoyable.

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