Askew Design Inc.
And in the beginning…

I am fortunate to be writing Askew’s first blog while attending a painting workshop in Tucson, Arizona entitled “Intellect & Passion”. (You get the benefit of my learning without the sunburned neck and feet – and cactus thorns in the thigh – but you do miss out on warm hospitality, blue skies that stretch forever, and amazing Mexican food and margaritas!)

Five days of learning squished into a paragraph looks like this: When doing anything creative you first enter the “intellect” stage where all the thinking, planning, and conceptualizing is carried out. If this is done well, you can then move on to the “passion” stage where you can create freely and allow things to happen and to take shape as you don’t have to keep stopping the flow of creativity to go back to the intellect phase; the results can be amazing! The process should then be finished off with another round of intellect where everything is tested, evaluated and refined. The entire process is known by some as “the passion sandwich”. A juicy helping of passion sandwiched between two thick layers of intellect. (Thank you to Californian painter extraordinaire, Ken Auster for that!)

At Askew Design Inc. that is what we have done in our own branding and web design. Lots and lots of planning, research, brainstorming, testing (and the list goes on) went into our intellectual stage. As a result, the passion was allowed to happen and flowed freely. For those of you who are bakers (or have eaten cake) maybe this analogy will help you more. It is like researching to find the perfect recipe for the occasion, making sure all the required ingredients, tools, etc. are at the ready (intellect) and then you get to mix everything together (passion). You test the cake to make sure it is ready (intellect) and the result – hopefully a cake that looks good, is delicious to eat, and memorable for being just the right cake for the occasion. We are confident that this, our first Askew website, will be right for this occasion – our launch. Enjoy it and come back for more helpings whenever you can.

Our blog will be constantly morphing as it will be written by three very different people with askew views on a range of topics. We will aim to keep it interesting and will only write when we have something worth sharing.

A very big and heartfelt thank you to all the friends and family who have encouraged and supported us in baking our first cake. Thank you! Gracias!


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